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     2nd module group January 2021

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     Beginner's group January 2021

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     Beginner's group January 2018

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     Beginner's course August 2016

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     2nd module group August 2016

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         Student of International Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag

         Lived in the Netherlands for 18 months.

I am associated with Dutchable ever since I decided to pursue masters from Holland. Naturally, Dutchable is the first (and only) choice for anyone interested in learning Dutch in its truest sense. Learning a language and culture of the country goes hand-in-hand; Marijanne justifies this by exposing students to the lifestyle of Holland almost in every session. The learning came in varied forms like playing games, listening to audio, discussions, exercises, tests and not to forget that watching a Dutch movie is also part of the class! Text based rote learning was kept to minimum. While in Holland, I never felt I was new to the system - Thanks to Marijanne and her classes. She strictly adheres to the motto of Dutchable, “Learning Dutch is Fun”.