Learn Dutch from Dutch-Able, the first language training center to start teaching Dutch in India. 

Dutch-Able is specialized in:

  • Affordable Dutch language and culture training for companies and individuals.
  • Short survival courses for those leaving for the Netherlands.
  • Civic Integration Exam preparation courses for people settling down in the Netherlands (for more information go to links)
  • Marijanne Joshi-Polderman, the Director/Principal Teacher is very experienced and is among the few examiners in India for the Certificate Dutch as a Foreign Language (CNaVT- go to links).

The Dutch-Able Experience:

Dutch-Able opened its doors in 1999.

Dutch-Able has made a mark amongst language training centers by implementing methods which make its students confident to speak and understand basic Dutch in a short span of time.

It's individual students, young and old, are from various backgrounds and professions: company executives, software professionals, language students, clergymen, business entrepreneurs and future residents of the Netherlands. Companies include those from the shipping sector, IT sector, BPOs, banks, manufacturing units, etc .

Dutch-Able's experience in teaching in India to people of different cultural and language backgrounds is immense. It has constantly improvised the designing of its courses keeping in focus the strong need to imbibe all the students, whatever their motive to learn, from whatever background they are, with the basics of grammar and pronunciation therefore making the courses interactive and enjoyable.

Dutch-Able's class room is a total atmosphere to 'make' you Dutch-Able.

Dutch-Able's motto: Learning Dutch is fun!

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