Ejaz Ahmed, Student at the Maastricht University

Participant of the crash course June/July 2010

Dutch-Able, has eased the burden of treading to an unknown land. The biggest pro is to actually have Marijanne, a Nederlandse (a Dutch woman). It certainly was more reassuring to receive information from her. The classes were such a delightful experience with the right blend of fun and information. The interactive games and puzzles coupled with audio visual elements enabled quicker and thorough comprehension of the study material.

The classes were very neatly organized into Language and Culture and clearly illustrated the interrelationship between them. Apart from the classes, I think the goodies Maryanne  provided us, the ever hungry lot, need special mention. I definitely will miss those lekker juli zaterdags (Sweet July Saturdays) I had with Dutch-able. Dank je wel Maryanne for having Dutch-abled us all.

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