Meenakshi Ramesh

Technical Designer in Value Source Technologies(Chennai)

an offshore development centre of KBC Bank Belgium.

I am associated with Dutch Able since 2007 and it is the only institute in Chennai which is doing both corporate and individual training in Dutch language learning. Marijanne is more than a dedicated teacher, she is a good friend and a guide. The students who have learnt Dutch from her can vouch for that. Her training is so efficient that it drills down into your memory and Dutch is in your subconscious memory. She uses various techniques to teach Dutch like flashcards, word for the day, sentence for the day, using different day to day situations to name a few.She ensures that students get the best for what they have paid. I am really fortunate and blessed to have a Dutch trainer like her. I wish that she continues to teach many more students like me. God bless both Marijanne and Dutch-Able. 

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