P.V. Priya

Business Manager

Randstad India Ltd., Chennai

"While it all started with an intention to have fun and just know a new language, 6 months back, I hadn't thought I would start thinking Dutch! The experience has been wonderful to learn a language from scratch and today I can manage a kindergarten conversation in Nederlands. Now what took me to this level, I have to fully owe it to my mentor Ms. Marijanne, who makes learning easy and fun even after a decade of my last formal education. A typical class room training, but with so much difference - the various teaching tools like cards, picture books, board with so much written on it cleanly every class, chart papers and dictionary, those toets!; coupled with her absolutely delightful teaching techniques of cracking conversations with each other, talking loud and clear, match the pair, memory game, dumb charade, among others. Over and above, helping us to think in Dutch so we speak in Dutch. Thank you, Marijanne, it was one of the nicest things in 2013 and it is an absolute delight to know you. We are lucky to meet a teacher like you. Hope to be in constant touch! Good luck to you and Dutch-able. I will recommend you for anyone who has an inclination to learn the language."

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