Saba Fathima, Student at Technical University Eindhoven

Participant of the crash course June/July 2010

'Dutch For Dummies', packing plenty of excitement and action. - This, in my opinion, would most perfectly describe Marijanne Joshi-Polderman's dutch classes for beginners. Language classes may have you automatically thinking - paper, pencil and a million conjugations. My student crash course was however, nowhere in the vicinity of 'mundane'. We covered nearly all things dutch, from telling numbers and time to shopping and amusement parks.

For the amount of information I have gathered, be it the language or other practical things, I can safely say that I am my own guide to the Netherlands; I know enough to hit the ground running, when I get there. These classes thrive on interaction and activity. Learning new things has never been so much fun. Frankly, if it ain't Marijanne's dutch, it ain't much :).

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