V. Vijay Kumar, Chief Representative Netherlands Business Support Office, Chennai - India. 

"Marijanne Joshi-Polderman is perhaps the longest staying Dutch resident of Chennai, living in the city for more than 20 years. And Dutch-Able, founded by Ms. Joshi, is the oldest institution teaching Dutch in Chennai in an organized way. Ms.Joshi has taught and popularized the Dutch language among many individuals in Chennai. She has also taught Dutch language courses to the employees of many ICT and banking organizations that deal regularly with the Netherlands.

Ms. Joshi's classes are very vibrant, interactive and informative and her teaching methods make you want to continue learning more about the Netherlands and the Dutch language. She has assisted a number of people in Tamil Nadu to successfully go through the rigorous Dutch integration test for immigration. Being a Dutch national with long experience in India, she is able to understand, analyze and provide deep insights on both cultures.

And, of course, she is a storehouse of information about Dutch culture and customs, and anything else you would like to know about the Netherlands. To be sure, if any of you in Chennai would like to "Go Dutch", then Ms. Marijanne Polderman-Joshi is the person to get in touch with."

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